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Inbound Marketing Methodology Step 2:  Convert

What do you knwo about the inbound marketing methodology?  This is step 2 of our blog series focused on the 4 steps of the inbound marketing methodology: Attract, Convert, Close & Delight.  If you haven't read our main blog and step 1 yet, click here to get an complete overview of the inbound methodology.

The step Convert is when people are actually interested in you and your service.  We really like the convert stage of the inbound methodology because, here is where you start to experience the rewards of all of your content marketing activities. You already have achieved that strangers become returning visitors, so now you need to turn them into leads by seducing them to leave their contact information on your website so you can guide them through your marketing and sales funnel.

INBOUND-MARKETING-close-GLOBALCLICKZWhen you have attracted website visitors, the next step is to convert those visitors into leads by collecting their contact information. This is a part where a manby companies leave opportunities.  Either they do not have the right content to drive lead generation, or they give away way too much of their premium content without collecting contact details to pull an individual through the funnel. 

Contact information is very valuable for the online marketer. Therefore, in order for your visitors to provide their contact details, you need to offer them something valuable in return! Some examples of premium-level content are: eBooks, whitepapers, checklists, infographics,  videos, calculators etc. Determine upfront what information is relevant to your buyer persona, and start here.  You just need one piece of content per buyer persona to start, and then you could start to build that out by lifecycle stage.  Do not do too much at once , as it can become overwhelming, and delay the content creation process.

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Some important topics to consider when converting visitors into leads include:

Landing Pages with Forms: This page gives a teaser of the information that will provide them the premium content, but also includes a form that they need to fill out in order to get that premium level content.
Calls to Action (CTA):  An CTA, is a button that is on your website or your blog.  This call to action is telling the visitor what to do next (f.e. Download the check list, Watch the Video, ).  When they click on the button, it will bring them to the landing page with the form.  

Effective Email Marketing:  When someone fills in their information, you want to send them a follow up email. This email will include the information they requested, whether it's a video, ebook, calculator, or another form of premium content.  You will also give them a secondary call to action trying to move them through your funnel.  An example is scheduling a demo, requesting an assessment, etc.  

As you can understand, the convert stage of the inbound marketing methodology is essential. 

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