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Transfer a lead to sales

You also want to make sure that the hard marketing work are capitalized on by your sales team. Too often it happens that sales is not following up the lead provided by the markeitng team. Why? Are the leads of bad quality? Or is it pride at the sales manager that he onlt follows up his own leads? Miscommunication and distrust between sales and marketing will negatively influence your organization. Good coordination can result in 20% revenue growth.

It al comes down to communication and constant data sharing and alignment between the sales and marketing teams.

Important here is to agree between marketing and sales wat a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is and when they are converted. This can be when a lead requested a consult meeting with a sales rep or when they requested a specific question. Workflows are an important tool to automate this.

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Workflows in lead nurturing campaigns primarily function to guide a lead from one stage of the funnel to the next. This is essential for re-engaging lost leads, those who do not convert immediately. 

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These workflows, triggered whenever a lead fills out a form to claim one of the  offers, automate the sending of a series of messages, in B2B these are typically emails. The emails serve to introduce and promote the next offer in the funnel. Therefore the goal of a workflow is for a lead to fill out the form to claim a next offer.

Question raising often while creating workflows is how many emails should be included in each workflow? We suggest starting with a series of three max four emails that include the following:

Email 1
: A thank you for downloading the offer and a CTA to access that offer on the thank you page. 

Email 2: An introduction to the next offer and a CTA leading them to the next landing page in the series.

Email 3: A promotion of the next offer and a CTA leading them to the next landing page in the series. 

We may find over time that more or less emails are needed to get the leads converted. That’s why it’s important to analyze and optimize campaigns overtime, not just set it and forget it.

Workflows can also help bridge the gap often seen between the marketing and sales disciplines. For example, an email alerting a sales consultant could be triggered when a lead turning from a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead in his or her region. 

Also workflows can be used to update contact information (for example a stage in the sales funnel) based on actions they take with your company on and offline.

An example Workflow could look like:

Begin Workflow: Form Submission for download "Our great Whitepaper"

Step 1: Send email: “Here’s Your Whitepaper”

Step 2: Set property value: Lifecycle Stage = Marketing Qualified

Step 3: 5 days later, Send email  with complementary blog article

Step 3: 10 days later, Send email with Client Case Study

Step 4: 10 days later, Send email: “Request Your Free Consultation”

Step 5: Set property value: Lifecycle stage = Sales Qualified

Lead scoring

Simplified lead scoring model

Lead scoring

An important tool in this process is also lead scoring. We should qualify every step or action within the buyer journey with a value like points. The more points the lead get the higher the chance is that they become an SQL, thus a customer. A simplified example of a lead scoring model can be found below.


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