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Personalization & Segmentation

Do not communicate from your brand but from a real human!

In B2B industries a more personal relationship needs to be forged between the individual marketer and the buyer. Therefore, personalization should also be utilized on the company side, meaning content and offers should be sent from a real human within the marketing & sales team instead from the brand.

Personalization is not just about adding a first name to your email greeting like “ Hey you're awesome, "— it is all about providing the lead with the content they are looking for, at the right time. We can do this within the lead nurturing campaign by segmenting leads according to their needs, understood by touchpoints they have made while converting from one stage of the buyer’s journey to the next.

When segmenting the leads we should take into account:

  • A lead’s stage in the buyer’s journey
  • The lead’s persona
  • The lead’s entry point into your marketing process
  • Content a lead has interacted with.

Further segmentation should be executed on by looking at the buyer profile,” such as company criteria like: Size, Industry, and Location.


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